NH EPSCoR Research

Thompson FarmIn New Hampshire, basic research and innovation drive economic growth.  Science and engineering are the foundation of New Hampshire’s high tech economy. NH EPSCoR expands research capacity and infrastructure to develop innovations that spur technology startups, high tech job creation, and provides science and technology graduates to the marketplace. 

NH EPSCoR has received $31.5 million in three National Science Foundation research infrastructure improvement awards since 2011.  Current research projects include:

Ecosystems & Society
An advanced sensor network has been deployed across the state that puts New Hampshire in the forefront of using technology and the Internet to continuously collect environmental data, which can be used to chart a sustainable future, ensuring our natural resources continue to provide for future generations.

New England Sustainability Consortium
This project is a collaboration with Maine EPSCoR and aims to strengthen the scientific basis for decision making in the management of recreational beaches and shellfish harvesting.

Ecosystems Computing Challenge
This project is a partnership model aiming to build access to relevant computing education for underrepresented high school students using mobile applications and data from the Ecosystms & Society project.

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